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Birdtail Inclusive

Providing general contracting services to our clients with indigenous inclusion

Partnerships are built on trust

Birdtail Inclusive GP Ltd. is looking forward to working with our clients and offering our full commitment towards positive socio-economic outcomes on our projects. We see an opportunity to develop relationships by providing mentoring in alignment with our values, our safety culture and quality programs. Mutual trust and respect is a must to achieve success. This will require full commitment from our clients, employees and contractors as these will be long term sustainable relationships with Birdtail Inclusive GP Ltd.

General & sub-contracting

Birdtail Inclusive will support all your contracting needs, from small to multi-stage projects.

Construction management

Providing expert estimating, planning, risk assessment and execution plans for projects of all sizes.

Other services We do what you need

Ask us about our Subcontractor Alliance and all the different types of project support we provide!

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